October 2016

Started using Dist::Zilla

Since I haven't started a new Perl project for a while and especially none where I wanted to use CI, I was using ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

However the options of downloading dependencies are very limited and from Java I was used to such a nice build tool like Gradle. Unfortunately the Gradle support for Perl is very limited... at best.


Gitlab registry and upload problems which Apache as proxy

I use Gitlab CE already for quite a while and started with integrated CI recently. I really love the ability to run tests automatically and see the results...

My new Perl project uses some modules from CPAN, well, more or less every project does, and I started using Dist::Zilla. This is a different story to tell...

However, with Dist::Zilla I'm now able to get all dependencies and test my project properly. What else do I need, yes, a docker container besides a nice .gitlab-ci.yml file.




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