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Comment spam

I recently had a lot of comment spam that I removed today.

That reminds me to start blogging again and update my Drupal installation that is really outdated now and needs some work to be up-to-date again.

Hopefully I can add some new content here the next months... Let's see

Server migration

As LYCOS Europe decided to discontinue it's business I needed a new home for my server and still need for my domains.

The first step is done. A new server is setup and most of the services were migrated to the new server. This was mainly done in the background by changing DNS, setup services and so on, but the visible part has begun by migrating this site.


Firefox extensions: SyncPlaces

I used Bookmarks Sync and Sort for a while with my Firefox 2, but after upgrading to Firefox 3 it wasn't available anymore and the development seems to be discontinued.

I thought about fixing the problems myself and dig into the Firefox extension development, but luckily I found SyncPlaces.


Sun PDF import extension for OpenOffice 3

I recently needed to edit a file for which I had the PDF version only. That was the time where the Sun PDF Import Extension is becoming really handy.

What you need is Version 3 and the import plugin. A PDF will then be opened in Draw and you can edit the file's content.


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