Change UUID of a Virtualbox VDI

I use Virtualbox regularly. Recently I wanted to use a VDI twice for different machines. One intended for the dev and the other for a live system.

Simple copying of the VDI file doesn't work since the UUID is still the same, but it's quite easy to change it if you know how...

Zero RRD Framework: Major Release

Finally. Yesterday we released a major update of the Zero RRD Framework at SourceForge.

You'll find the latest version in the Zero RRD Subversion Repository of course, but there's a snapshot available in the Download Section.

Simply download and extract the tar.gz archives for zerod and zero-agent in your /opt folder and follow the manual in the doc folder.




Free DNS and Bind 9 setup

For some reasons I like to hosting my DNS services myself and this worked very well in the past. As I now have to look for a new domain hoster (see Server migration for details) one of the major criteria, besides price of course, was the ability to change the name server entries (NS record).



Server migration

As LYCOS Europe decided to discontinue it's business I needed a new home for my server and still need for my domains.

The first step is done. A new server is setup and most of the services were migrated to the new server. This was mainly done in the background by changing DNS, setup services and so on, but the visible part has begun by migrating this site.



Wer kennt sie nicht die Post-Weihnachtstraumata. Kaum ein Fest eignet sich besser zur Traumatisierung aller Altersgruppen und zwar nachhaltig. Doch Einsicht und Erkenntnis können helfen unseren Schmerz zu verarbeiten.

Aber ein Bild sagt ja bekanntlich mehr als tausend Worte.

Gefunden bei Sinfest


Firefox extensions: SyncPlaces

I used Bookmarks Sync and Sort for a while with my Firefox 2, but after upgrading to Firefox 3 it wasn't available anymore and the development seems to be discontinued.

I thought about fixing the problems myself and dig into the Firefox extension development, but luckily I found SyncPlaces.


Sun PDF import extension for OpenOffice 3

I recently needed to edit a file for which I had the PDF version only. That was the time where the Sun PDF Import Extension is becoming really handy.

What you need is Version 3 and the import plugin. A PDF will then be opened in Draw and you can edit the file's content.


Xen domain and the forgotten root password

Lately I had on of these problems that could run into real trouble...
... unless you find a very easy solution for it.

I wanted to su to root and realised that I've forgotten the root password. OK, not a big deal, I usually allow sudo for my user. BUT, I couldn't remember my password either... *sigh* I always logged in via SSH with an authorised key, hence not using my password for quite a while.



POP3 on the command line

You sometimes find the need to run a protocol dialogue on the command line via telnet. I recently had to do this for POP3. In fact it's quite simple if you follow the example below where lines starting with a plus are responses from the server:

  1. telnet my.pop.server 110
  2. Trying 123.456.789.123...
  3. Connected to my.pop.server.
  4. Escape character is '^]'.
  5. +OK Hello there.
  6. user <a href="mailto:user@my.pop.server">user@my.pop.server</a>
  7. +OK Password required.
  8. pass secret
  9. +OK logged in.
  10. list
  11. +OK POP3 clients that break here, they violate STD53.
  12. 1 2213
  13. 2 2823
  14. .
  15. retr 1
  16. +OK 2213 octets follow.
  17. [email content]
  18. .



Coding style mal anders...

Es wird ja immer viel über Coding style geschrieben und diskutiert, aber der wirklich wichtige Beitrag zu dem Thema beleuchtet das ganze von einer etwas anderen Seite.

Ich muss wohl noch mal unseren Coding style überarbeiten... ;)




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